Biosphere Bikes Project

How the project came about

The Biosphere Bikes project was started through a love of cycling and the realisation that Girvan did not have readily available local access to cycling activities that were accessible across the age or ability ranges like; bike hire with conventional and abilty bikes for those with disabilities, bike skills workshops, maintenance workshops, women only rides, family rides and other cycling activities. A chance encounter at the beginning of 2018 – when Ann met Sally – led to the seed of an idea around a community bike hub. Sally was the project manager for WHAT IF…GIRVAN. WHAT IF …GIRVAN is part of FIRSPORT- Scotland’s agency for start-up social entrepreneurs and social enterprise. This is a project that is working with local people to inspire them to turn their ideas into businesses that transform their local area and benefit the wider community. Local people and thier community are best placed to make a positive change in the area. They know what the area has and what it needs and the things that could be better.The bike hub idea then became a WHAT IF…GIRVAN project and was granted seed funding to help realise potential of the project. There were many hurdles along the way but in 2019 the project started to come together.

What’s happening now

Planning permission and ground lease have been granted. The office unit and storage unit should be in place mid Febuary 2020. Its a case of sorting it all out, getting all the bikes and equipment ready and then……barring any obstacles

APRIL 2020 the project will launch…….yay

This project would not be happening without the help of some very good and kind people and I am forever thankful to them. The main ones Instrumental in getting the project to this stage I mention below;

CYCLESTATION Newmilns – the project would not be at the stage it is if not for the generosity of Alan and his family who have contributed and continue to contribute time and resources to help get the project up and running.

Adventure Centre for Education – for partnership funding enabling purchase of equipment.

Quay Zone Leisure Centre – the Board for allowing placement of a storage unit for a trial run.

FIRSTPORT – WHAT IF…GIRVAN project for encouragement and continued support.