Biosphere Bikes was started through a love of cycling and the realisation that Girvan did not have readily available local access to cycling activities that were accessible across the age or ability ranges. A chance encounter at the beginning of 2018 – when Ann met Sally – led to the seed of an idea around a community bike hub. Sally was the project manager for the WHAT IF…GIRVAN project. WHAT IF …GIRVAN is part of FIRSPORT- Scotland’s agency for start-up social entrepreneurs and social enterprise. This is a project that is working with local people to inspire them to turn their ideas into businesses that transform their local area and benefit the wider community. Local people and their community are best placed to make a positive change in the area. They know what the area has and what it needs and the things that could be better.The bike hub idea then became a WHAT IF…GIRVAN project and was granted seed funding to help realise potential of a bike hub.

Biosphere Bikes came about through a love of cycling and a desire to encourage people into a healthier lifestyle using cycling as a means to do that. It is a Not-For-Profit social enterprise based in the town of Girvan in South Ayrshire and is at the start of a very exciting journey. The vision is to create a community bike hub giving access to bikes and bike hire for everyone. We want to make cycling accessible to more people, regardless of age, ability or accessibility issues. We aim to do this through a range of bikes including electric bikes, manual bikes and bikes for the not so able bodied. We also want to recycle unused bikes to keep as much as possible out of landfill sites. We want people who don’t have access to a bike or think cycling is not for them due to accessibility issues to realise that there is a bike for everyone.

The name – Biosphere Bikes – came about because we live and work in a UNESCO recognised special area called a biosphere and wanted the name to reflect this. At Biosphere Bikes we are proud supporters of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere and as a social enterprise business our principles very much align with those of the Biosphere. We want to create a bike hub in Girvan that brings health and social benefits to local people but will also reap rewards for local businesses through tourism.

Looking after our natural environment is so important and Biosphere Bikes wants to encourage cycling as an eco friendly and sustainable travel option.

Visitors will be able to explore and appreciate the hidden places across South Carrick that are less accessible by car and enjoy our beautiful landscapes, local culture and wonderful heritage whilst reducing environmental impact by using a bike instead of a car.

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