Looking after the Environment

Biosphere Bikes is committed to reducing and minimising the impact of any activities and operations on the environment. We will strive to do this with commitment to:

⦁ Adhere to local and national environmental legislation and regulation
⦁ Encourage visitors to explore by bike instead of car
⦁ Use recycled parts and materials whenever possible to reduce waste
⦁ Work with local recycling centre to keep as much as possible from going to landfill
⦁ Encourage wildlife by use of planters around the hub
⦁ Encourage visitors to ‘leave no trace’ to reduce environmental impact from tourism
⦁ Adhere to the 6 principles of the Biosphere Charter
⦁ Support and work with Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere to achieve best sustainability model
Biosphere Bikes will encourage and promote environmental awareness and understanding in all its volunteers and staff. We will also provide customers with information on the Biosphere and the environmental issues.

Ann Berry
Founder of Biosphere Bikes not-for-profit social enterprise
January 2021